Friday, 27 June 2008

See you on 1 December

I promised myself that I would finish the website by the end of the week.
With a minute or so to spare, just time to say a public thank you to my wife (of nearly 24 years) Marie (above). Even I don't know how she puts up with me!
Thanks for your support and see you on 1 December....unless of course you change channels to

Split times available

Another of the big exercises is complete:


Its a very large file and I'm afraid that there are loads of blank pages. I'm afraid that I have now reached the "take or leave it" stage!

Enjoy the stats.

The poll was not a wind up

Just in case anyone thought I had tried an out of season April fool, I'm afraid something went wrong with the poll today on the Bravenet site. I could see dozens of votes coming in which were not registering but with a tight timetable to get everything else done today I couldn't spend any time trying to resolve the problem.

Guess what will be on the site on 1 December?

Extra YouTube Film

I couldn't resist a final film. It should be available on YouTube in a few minutes.

Flogging Michael's blog

Michael George has added his match report at:

Other walks

Six times Parish Walk winner John Cannell in last year's Peel to Douglas Walk (ML)

Most of the race walking events are promoted by Manx Harriers.

There is a special race walking page at:

If you only select one event, then make it the Empire Garage Peel to Douglas Walk. If you thought that the Parish Walk was wet, you should have been there for the Peel to Douglas last year!
The Isle of Man Veteran Athletes Club also organise a number of walking events and the pick of the bunch here is the Salclear Half Marathon which encourages entries from walkers as well as the runners.
The link is here:
Finally Western AC have for a number of years organised a walk in conjunction with the Western 10 miles and this year it will be held over the same 10 mile course as the run.
Details here:
Their website is here:

End to End Walk

Adrian Cowin - working flat out on the End to End website! (ML)

The White & Healthy End to End Walk is the logical next step for parish walkers although there other walking events on the Isle of Man.

The End to End is organised by the Isle of Man Veteran Athletes Club and Adrian Cowin runs both the club website and a dedicated End to End site at:

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