Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sandra Brown - top female performance ever

Sandra Brown when she last walked in the Isle of Man in the 100 miles of 2006 (ML)

Many of you may not have heard of Sandra Brown. The Surrey AC athlete is the most prolific female 100 mile walker of all time.

Last year I compiled my all time top 10 Parish Walkers and I ranked Sandra number 2, behind Sean Hands but ahead of Robbie Callister and Derek Harrison. In my view she was very close to being the best of all.

She won in 1998. Not only was it her debut; not only was it the record time, not only did she come second in the Parish Walk but she did that in the knowledge that she had to keep going for another 15 miles. The Centurions championship walk was held in conjunction with the Parish Walk that year and walkers had to complete a further 15 miles up and down the promenade.

She returned to the Isle of Man in 2006 when the same event was held at the National Sports Centre and finished second again, this time to Sean Hands.

To see my choice of the top 10 of all time (compiled in 2007) visit http://www.parishwalk.co.uk/2007/2007prerace.html

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