Sunday, 22 June 2008

More video to come

Its good to see that the short video of the start has already had nearly 3000 on YouTube. Already its the second most popular video on the channel. I hope that you liked it.

Richard did the filming although he was self critical of the quality - like I sometimes am, he got caught in the trap of doing video and stills.

I've not even had the chance to look at Marie's film from Braddan or some I took on the road out of Glen Vine. I used an analogue camera and i didn't have the time to link everything up yesterday to upload to my laptop and edit. I'm hoping to get this done this evening but am not promising.

Apologies though for the loss of some short clips that I took using a digital camera at the finish. In particular I was sorry to lose the clip of one of the men of the day, Maurice Bellando, and one of the men expected to feature, Sean Hands. I plan to write about Sean yet.

Finally, I notice that I've lost the sound on the interview with Jock Waddington. I hope that I can still recover this.

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