Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Veterans are the majority

I campaigned for several years to end the veterans' race to Peel on the basis that veterans made up the majority of the finishers. The original thinking was that it was the young men that would be capable of walking 85 miles and that veterans (and women) should walk a shorter distance (to Peel).

The prizes continued to be awarded to this point but many veterans forfeited their veterans prize to take a full finishers award. But there was often confusion about the rules.

My point is proven again when I have just calculated that male veterans made up 53% of the finishers and all veterans 77%.

Here are the numbers:

Senior Men - 23
Senior women - 4
Veteran men - 64
Veteran women - 34

I had hoped to write more this lunchtime but I have just been ironing out some problems with the statistics that John Watterson was working to for the Independent.

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