Tuesday, 24 June 2008


In case you were not using the website prior to the event, I should draw your attenttion to the three bloggers on the site. You can read the blogs via the "Pre-Race" link on the top on the homepage or from the links below.

Michael George was the most prolific and consistent blogger and you can catch up with his stories at http://michaelsparishblog.blogspot.com/ He has promised to write more on his blog yet.

Richard Wild has signed off his after his first attempt at the Parish Walk and you can read his tales here http://wildparish.blogspot.com/

I tried to get three people with three contrasting ambitions to write. If nothing else I achieved this with a walker who got all the way, one that covered 60 miles and one that didn't start.

But Kerry Sharp had good reason - find out why at http://newmum.blog.com/

I hope to "sign up" a good cross section for 2009.

Watch out for the new website on 1 December 2008 but don't worry (or rejoice) I've still got a few days to go with this one!

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